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Some Thoughts on the Importance of Personality

Action is “the miracle that saves the world from its normal, ‘natural’ ruin.” -Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition “I mentioned the quality of being a person as distinguished from being mere human…, and I said that to speak about a moral personality is almost redundancy…In the process of thought in which I actualize the specifically…Read more Some Thoughts on the Importance of Personality Posted on 25 November 2013 | 12:02 pm

Remembrance and Gratitude

“We are wont to see friendship solely as a phenomenon of intimacy in which the friends open their hearts to each other unmolested by the world and its demands…Thus it is hard for us to understand the political relevance of friendship…But for the Greeks the essence of friendship consisted in discourse…The converse (in contrast to…Read more Remembrance and Gratitude Posted on 17 December 2012 | 12:38 pm

Refugee Writers and Inner Emigrants

‘They must remember that they are constantly on the run, and that the world’s reality is actually expressed by their escape.’  -Hannah Arendt, ‘On Humanity in Dark Times: Thoughts about Lessing’ Hannah Arendt never forgot that she was on the run from totalitarianism. Neither did she cease to express its reality in her work. She…Read more Refugee Writers and Inner Emigrants Posted on 8 October 2012 | 9:57 am