Spotlight on The Campus Plurality Project


“Only in the freedom of our speaking with one another does the world, as that about which we speak, emerge in its objectivity and visibility from all sides.” —Hannah Arendt

The Hannah Arendt Center's Campus Plurality Forum begins with Arendt’s uncompromising defense of plurality and free speech as a foundation for democratic politics. Politics is never about truth. It is about opinion. Free speech matters because it exposes all of us to opinions different from our own. In doing so, free speech expands our understanding and experience of the world. In encountering unexpected, disagreeable, and uncomfortable opinions, our imagination of the world must change, and so too our thinking. We must either alter our own opinion, embrace a new opinion, or reaffirm our old opinion. In each of these cases, we embrace an opinion that is more fully consonant with the plurality of the world as a whole. The Arendt Center sponsors multiple student led programs dedicated to free expression. We welcome students from all backgrounds to join the conversation! Sign up below, and the group will be in touch!
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