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[Conversation on Courage Dinner Series, with Rabbi David Nelson]

Conversation on Courage Dinner Series, with Rabbi David Nelson

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 Arendt Center
6:00 pm

Hosted by: The Hannah Arendt Center

This event occurred on:  Wed. April 11, 6 pm

Courage and Piety: Can Modernity Rip Them Apart?

In traditional Jewish texts, courage and piety are often linked. We will take a brief look at three texts (in English) and ask if Modernity can sever that link and, if so, why it has that power.

BA from Wesleyan University, Master' Degree and Rabbinic Ordination from Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, PhD from New York University. His rabbinic experience has included five years in a small congregation, fifteen years at CLAL, a think-tank and center for leadership education, five years in a community center, and three years as the primary writer and teacher for the Reform Movement's Israel organization. He has taught in a wide range of venues, and, following the 2005 publication of his Judaism, Physics and God: Searching for Sacred Metaphors in a Post-Einstein World, has focused increasingly on issues of science and religion.

Date: April 11th 
Time: 6pm
Hannah Arendt Center