Blogging and the New
Public Intellectual

This series engages an ongoing discussion with the nation’s leading bloggers in politics, history, art, and culture—asking about their experience as bloggers, what they hope to accomplish, and how they work. We will discuss the pressures of putting content up quickly, being controversial, and balancing personal opinion with journalistic standards.

Blogging and the New Public Intellectual
Curated by Roger Berkowitz
and Walter Russell Mead
We live in the age of the blog. Public intellectuals and journalists must adapt to short news cycles, short attention spans, new economic models and a flood of competing commentary and information. The rise of blogs may be dangerous insofar as blogs attract like-minded people who only hear one side, but they are extremely powerful as well, insofar as they allow for people to become highly educated about the world by following a few top bloggers. 

Blogging democratizes debate even as it erodes the significance of institutional authority. By removing cultural gatekeepers, blogging is changing the tenor of public discourse for the good and the bad. What is undeniable is that a new kind of public intellectual is emerging.

Above all, we will analyze the emergence of a new form of political and cultural writing by engaging with the best practitioners of this new and powerful medium. 
Video Archive Feature Video - A Conversation with Tom Goldstein (March 9, 2014)