Hate and the Human Condition

The Hate and the Human Condition is an interdisciplinary series of fellowships, courses, lectures, conferences, distance learning, videos and publications exploring hate as one of the enduring questions of the human condition, as well as create scholarly and associated networks to facilitate this exploration.

Hate and the Human Condition

Program Overview

Bard College (and its U.S. and international affiliates) is embarking on a programmatic and project-based initiative to focus and increase serious academic study on the question of human hate. The initiative will improve scholarship by: 1) creating courses on hate to be taught throughout the Bard network, and components to be infused throughout the Bard academic experience; 2) creating model courses on hate and a process (through conferences and other means) to encourage and help other colleges offer such courses, 3) building an interdisciplinary working community of hate-focused scholars, 4) working with NGOs and other institutions that try to impact hate, but desperately need testable theories to guide their actions, 5) connecting the NGOs with the academics so areas for impactful research can be more easily identified, and 6) building opportunities for students to focus on hate as an academic concentration (through classes and internships), so that if their professional work involves combating hate (through law, government, NGO work, etc.), they will be able to model better thinking about what to do, what not to do, why, and how to measure success and failure.
Syllabi Competition A syllabi competition was sponsored for faculty at all Bard affiliated institutions. The four winning syllabi are listed below. The professors have agreed to include common texts and assign common assignments. There will be common class periods and discussions taught transnationally via the web and also an essay contest for all students enrolled in these classes with the winners invited to present their papers at a International Conference sponsored by Bard.

Course Work

The courses taught within the Hate and the Human Condition Initiative are:

  • Man as Monster: An Exploration of the Causes and Manifestations of Hatred
    Al-Quds Bard College
  • Great Hatred, Little Room: Contested Ireland/Island
    Bard College Annandale
  • Hate and Revolution
    Bard College Berlin 
  • The Nature of Human Hate: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
    American University of Central Asia