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  • Annual Fall Conference

    Annual Fall Conference "Citizenship and Civil Disobedience," Thursday and Friday, Oct. 11-12, 2018.
  • Chiara Ricciardone, PhD and Micah White, PhD

    Chiara Ricciardone, PhD and Micah White, PhD Announcing the 2018-2019 National Endowment for the Humanities/Hannah Arendt Center Distinguished Visiting Fellows: Chiara Ricciardone and Micah White
  • Weekly Newsletter

    Weekly Newsletter Amor Mundi is our weekly newsletter & offers our favorite essays and blog posts from around the web. These essays will help you comprehend the world. And learn to love it. A new newsletter is sent out each Sunday. 
  • Monthly Virtual Reading Group

    Monthly Virtual Reading Group Become a member of the Hannah Arendt Center and join our Monthly Reading Group!
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Virtual Reading Group

Virtual Reading Group


Members at all levels are eligible to participate in a monthly reading group. Our current text is titled "Freedom and Politics, a Lecture," from the new collection of essays, Thinking Without a Banister: Essays in Understanding, 1953-1975. For non-members, join the Hannah Arendt Center and receive monthly invitations.

2018 Conference Registration

2018 Conference Registration

Online Registration to attend the 11th annual fall conference, Citizenship and Civil Disobedience, closes on Tuesday, October 2nd. See our conference webpages to read more details, speaker lineup, schedule, and to register.

Past Conferences

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