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[Courage To Be College Seminar Dinner & Lecture Series, with Penny Gill]

Courage To Be College Seminar Dinner & Lecture Series, with Penny Gill

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Blithewood, Levy Institute
6:00 pm

Hosted by the Hannah Arendt Center

This event occurred on:  Tue. February 7, 6 pm

To Whom Do You Belong? 
Fear, Courage, and Community

Courage is an affair of both heart and mind. Americans, especially perhaps American intellectuals, are pretty skillful at the "mind" part.  But we are not skillful at all at the "heart" part. Courage can seem heroic, and may well be.  But courage is more likely to flow from our deep connections with and commitments to each other.  In a culture marked by alienation, competitiveness, and loneliness, living with courage can seem impossible. But it surely isn't. It is a natural outcome of a life lived with depth and integrity.

BIO: Penny Gill, Professor of Politics and Mary Lyon Professor of Humanities, taught comparative politics at Mount Holyoke College for more than 40 years, including courses on Europe and the European Union, European political thinkers, and globalization. She also ranged widely across the curriculum as well, offering writing courses in the English department, a course on Jung in Psychology, and various cross-disciplinary seminars in the humanities and social sciences. She served as Dean of the College for several years, where her task was to help students integrate what they were learning both in and outside of the classroom. She has long been interested in comparative spiritualities, particularly the Biblical traditions and those of Himalayan Buddhism. Her recent book, What in the World Is Going On?, reports a series of conversations with Manjushri, a Tibetan Teacher, about our own times and challenges. She divides her time between Granby, Massachusetts and Madeline Island, Wisconsin, in the western part of Lake Superior.​

Date: February, 7
Time: 6pm
Location: Blithewood, Levy Institute 


*Students enrolled in the Courage To Be College Seminar are required to attend. The Courage To Be Lecture and Dinner series brings students, scholars and experts in diverse fields together to attend to the question of the foundation of moral and spiritual courage in an age when the traditional religious grounds of such courage are said to be weak. These lectures are coordinated with the curricular initiative for students enrolled in the course, “The Practice of Courage.” More about the Courage To Be program and the College Seminar, here.