The Hannah Arendt Collection

The central goal of the project is to preserve and catalog all items in Hannah Arendt’s personal library. The collection was acquired in 1976 through the efforts of co-executors Lotte Kohler and Mary McCarthy; Alexander Bazelow (Bard College, Class of 1971); Irma Brandeis (Bard College faculty 1944–1979); Librarian Fred Cook; and Bard’s president, Leon Botstein. The collection is located in the Bard College Stevenson Library. 

The Hannah Arendt Collection
Librarian Jane Hryshko assists a student in the Hoffman Reading Room, ca. 1983.
The Collection
The collection represents approximately 4,000 volumes, ephemera and pamphlets that made up the library in Hannah Arendt’s last apartment in New York City. Of particular significance are the many volumes containing considerable notes, underlinings and other marginalia, as well as many volumes inscribed to her by Martin Heidegger, Gershom Scholem, Rudolf Bultmann, W.H. Auden and Randall Jarrell, among others. In addition to preserving and cataloging the collection, we have begun to digitize selected materials with the aim of sharing some of these unique resources with the international scholarly community in order to expand the rich contemporary dialogue on Arendt’s significant contribution to public discourse.
Library Feature
We feature Library reflections from the Hannah Arendt archive and personal Arendt libraries from around the world on our blog. Want to share pictures of your own Arendt library? Please send them to Daniel Fiege, our Media Coordinator, at, and we might feature them on our blog!