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Our 2016 100/10 Membership Challenge Contests and Drawings Begin!

HAC 100_10 logo 2015
We at the Hannah Arendt Center are very excited about this year’s 100/10 membership challenge, especially all of the contests and drawings we have planned! Posted on 22 July 2016 | 3:17 pm

Amor Mundi, July 3rd 2016

Hannah Arendt considered calling her magnum opus Amor Mundi: Love of the World. Instead, she settled upon The Human Condition. What is most difficult, Arendt writes, is to love the world as it is, with all the evil and suffering in it. And yet she came to do just that. Loving the world means neither…Read more Amor Mundi, July 3rd 2016 Posted on 3 July 2016 | 3:00 pm

The Courage to Change: Timeless Wisdom for the Modern Age

We’re thankful to so many who attended the “Courage to Change” discussions this month, hosted alongside Joe Loizzo of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, at the Tibet House in Manhattan. We had a wonderful time discussing the ideas and actions of courageous thinkers with you. The feedback has been excellent. For those of you who missed…Read more The Courage to Change: Timeless Wisdom for the Modern Age Posted on 27 June 2016 | 4:25 pm

The Courage to Change: Hannah Arendt

"Class 1: Hannah Arendt and the Courage to Think" from The Courage to Change: Timeless Wisdom for the Modern Age by Joe Loizzo and Roger Berkowitz. Released: 2016. Posted on 14 June 2016 | 12:21 pm

Enlarged Thought in Arendt and Kant

Front cover of Hannah Arend't Lectures on Kant's Political Philosophy
Arendt focuses on a particular passage in Kant's Critique of Pure Judgment, taking his idea of "enlarged thought" as an "expanded movement of thinking" that provides space for one to reach a more "general standpoint," rather than simply relying on a broad set of knowledge. Posted on 10 March 2016 | 8:00 pm

Amor Mundi 2/28/16

In this week's Amor Mundi, we reflect on the danger Donald Trump poses to American democracy, honor students' right to free speech, and much more! Posted on 28 February 2016 | 9:00 pm

Thinking in and through “Emergency”

reichstag burning
Among its accomplishments, Eichmann in Jerusalem reflects on the close relation between language and thinking, especially in moments of emergency. Posted on 28 February 2016 | 8:00 pm

Arendt and The Spirit of Laws

We appreciate the annotations Hannah Arendt made to her copy of Montesquieu's "The Spirit of Laws" in this week's Library feature. Posted on 25 February 2016 | 8:00 pm

Announcing the First Issue of AJPA News

american jewish peace archive
We are pleased to announce the first issue of AJPA News, the official newsletter of the American Jewish Peace Archive (AJPA). Posted on 24 February 2016 | 8:00 pm

Marshall McLuhan on Critical Vision and the Automatic

marshall mcluhan
Marshall McLuhan comments on the power of critical thinking against automatic movement in this week's Thoughts on Thinking. Posted on 23 February 2016 | 8:00 pm