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Announcing Our 2014 Thinking Challenge Winners!

the thinker

As part of our seventh annual fall conference “The Unmaking Of Americans: Are There Still American Values Worth Fighting For?,” we asked university students in the United States and abroad to answer the question, “What core American ideals can inspire Americans to sacrifice self-interest and fight for justice?”

We received a large number of submissions, all of which were thoughtful and provocative in their arguments. However, two entries in particular stood out for us.

The winners of our 2014 Thinking Challenge are Rosa Schwartzburg and Alix Tate!

rosa schwartzburg

Rosa Schwartzburg

Rosa Schwartzburg is a junior at Bard College majoring in Written Arts, with a deep interest in Human Rights. A native of New York City, she graduated from City-as-School High School in 2012. Since then, she has enjoyed studying, exploring ideas, and writing at Bard, where she has cultivated a passion for surrealist fiction, feminist theory, and modern philosophy. She would like to thank the Center for granting her this award, as well as all of the interesting and thought provoking speakers at the conference this fall.

You can read Rosa’s winning essay here.

alix tate

Alix Tate

Alix Tate has spent many years in search of answers to life’s mysteries. He has participated in various Occupy movements in Norway and elsewhere, consoled himself with shamans of the Amazon and the gurus of India, ridden a motorcycle for over 4,000 km through the Himalayans, and sailed across the Pacific–all experiences which have helped him find the intrinsic value of hope. He has since returned to the USA, buoyed up by his newly found voice.

You can read Alix’s winning essay here.

Congratulations, Alix and Rosa! And thank you to all who submitted entries this year!

(Featured Image: “The Thinker,” by Auguste Rodin; Source: Parliament Owl)

Posted on 13 December 2014 | 10:00 am

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