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Arendt and the Kantian Influence in International Relations

Donna Weeks, an international relations academic specialising in Japan-Australia relations, Japanese and Australian politics, and society and related areas, recently shared the image below of her personal Arendt library:

Arendt and the Kantian Influence in International RelationsHere is what Donna had to say about her image:

“I was introduced to Hannah Arendt (both Imperialism and Canovan’s The Political Thought of Hannah Arendt) as an undergraduate, but it is in more recent times that I have returned to her work in order to find ways to think about my research. With an interest in International Relations, I found myself returning to Arendt through reading Kantian philosophical thought in IR. I’m now looking at ways to discuss particularly sensitive matters in Japan-Australia relations through an Arendtian frame, hence the texts in Japanese at the top of the pile.

“In 2016, I’ll be taking up a Faculty position in Tokyo with other colleagues who have also read and published on Arendt’s work. I’m really looking forward to what might come of that collaboration.”

In addition to being a scholar of Japanese-Australian relations, which she writes about on her blog, Donna is an HAC member and a dedicated participant in our virtual reading group. About this lattermost activity, she had this to say:

“I truly value the opportunity provided by HAC at Bard College this past year to facilitate an international virtual reading community. It’s been a wonderful gathering.”

To learn more about our virtual reading group, please click here.

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Posted on 10 December 2015 | 8:00 pm

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